Citizen's right with respect to DVB

Submit grievance online

Delhi Vidyut Board :

A common man has to face a number of problems in dealing with DVB. Parivartan is collecting such consumer grievances. Parivartan tries and gets them resolved without payment of bribes. Chairman of DVB, Sh.Jagdish Sagar has been fully cooperating in getting these grievances resolved. Parivartan is doing it as a social work. It is not charging anything for its services. If you have any grievance on account of any of the following, write to us with complete details:

 1.      Wrong billing

2.      Replacement of a defective meter

3.      Fast meter

4.      New connection

5.      Replacement/repair of defective equipment

6.      Additional load sanction

Please give complete details for each of your grievance including all the efforts made by you to get it resolved. It should include details of any visits made by you to any DVB office, the officials you met, their response and copies of all the correspondence made with DVB in this regard.


Check list :

      Please send a copy of the last bill.

      Your letter should be addressed to the Chairman, DVB.  Please submit all the papers in duplicate. 

      You may submit your grievance on line or send it at our address at Parivartan, 5B, Navkala Apts, 14, I P Extension, Patparganj, Delhi-92.

      Do not send a grievance to us if you never made any representation with DVB to get it resolved.

     Please mention your name, address, tel nos., and e-mail address (if any).Your telephone number is important so that we may seek additional information required, if any, in your case.

Note : Those cases where consumer has been caught stealing power will not be entertained. Parivartan will not represent cases of  those who indulge in theft of electricity.