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NEWSLETTER dated 10.8.2000

A Public Interest Litigation was filed in Delhi High Court in the last week of July, 2000 to have the grievances disposed immediately and to seek directions to Income Tax Department to implement the suggestions made by Parivartan. Honíble High Court disposed off the petition with the directions to the Income Tax Department to consider and implement the suggestions of Parivartan. However, no time limit has been mentioned by the Court. We are advised that we should give three months time to Income Tax Department and if they do not take any steps, we will file a contempt petition in the Court.

In reply to a question raised by an MP in Rajya Sabha, the Government replied that they have resolved only 214 grievances out of a total of 511 grievances. The government has really shown shameless insensitivity and apathy towards taxpayer grievances. All the talk of the government and Income Tax Department about taxpayer service is hollow. Anyway, we are committed to get the refunds of the balance aggrieved taxpayers also without payment of bribes. We are confident that we will be able to achieve our goal. However, it could take some time. We request you not to get impatient and not to get your refund by paying bribes in the meanwhile.

We are starting with the issue of corruption in Delhi Vidyut Board simultaneously. The modus operandi will be the same. We will collect consumer grievances pertaining to certain issues in DVB in the next three months and hand them over to the Chairman, DVB for their redressal. After three months, we will make an analysis of the grievances, find reasons for corruption in this area and suggest measures which, if implemented, will prevent recurrence of such grievances. We met the Chairman of DVB, Mr Jagdish Sagar on 10th Aug, 2000. He was very cooperative and encouraging. He has given us a set of circulars and office orders which are in the nature of citizenís rights with respect to DVB. We are compiling all of them and making a summary of the same. We will put all of them on our website and send a summary to you alongwith our next newsletter.

Now, we will start with the collection of consumer grievances with respect to DVB. The details of the project are enclosed in the form of a pamphlet. We request you to kindly make more copies of this pamphlet and have them distributed in your residential area and workplace. If you let us know over phone, we can have a number of such pamphlets sent to you or you can have more copies of these pamphlets collected from our office. DVB is going to be a very big project. As you are aware, Parivartan works on the voluntary services offered by scores of people. For the DVB project, a large number of us will need to come together. We sincerely urge you to spare some time and join this effort. Your efforts are required in spreading the message in the accompanying pamphlet to as many people as possible and to collect their grievances, if possible. During this campaign, we plan to have a number of street plays through which we will try and raise patriotic feelings amongst people and urge them to lead an honest life. We also plan to hold a series of camps in Delhi. It will be of immense help to us if you could also join us in organizing these camps.

We call our country as motherland and equate it to our mother. Some people consider it more than the biological mother. The present state of affairs in our country indicates that the mother is ill. She needs to be treated. Can we say that at the moment, we are busy and do not have time and that we will have the mother treated later at our own convenience when we are free. We canít afford to do that. We will have to spend time, money and energy to get the best treatment for our mother. Lets not waste time. Lets all unite to make India better.

 Jai Hind

Lets all unite to make India better

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