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President:     Col J N Pandey 









Our Objectives :

To awaken people from their slumber and urge them to reassert and not take things lying down.

To make people realise that this country belongs to them, they belong to this country and nothing will happen without the involvement and personal sacrifice of each person.

To spiritualise the personal and public life. To use 'Soul Force' in each individual for bringing Indian regeneration.

To start a platform which could unite the people on issues of public importance on which normally, general public though feels strongly, but find itself helpless.

There is still a lot of idealism in the society. However, this exists in isolated pockets. It is our effort to bring idealism together on a common platform.

To generate positive thinking and  show a ray of hope to the public which has otherwise become cynical and has given up. To encourage people to find solutions to personal as well as other problems within the system rather than by subverting it in various ways like paying bribes to get out of turn attention.

To generate a feeling of brotherhood for fellow human beings.

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