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I Have Not Yet Received My Income Tax Refunds !

            If you have not received your Income Tax Refund for any year upto assessment Year 98-99 and you have not received any intimation from the Department that your refund has been withheld under section 241 of the Income Tax Act. please write to us with the following details :-

1.For Refund u/s 143(1)(a) (simple refund):

  • A copy of the acknowledgement of Return Filed. Please ensure that the Return Receipt, Ward/Circle & Date of Filing are legible, else please write down these details by hand.
  • Copies of all representations made to the Department so far.

2.For Refund due to rectification u/s 154 :

  • Copy of the order to be rectified.
  • Copy of the application made to the Department u/s 154.
  • Copies of all representations made to the Department so far.

3. For refund due to appeal effect including revision u/s 264 (only if appeal order is dated before 31.3.99) :

  • Copy of the original assessment order.
  • Copy of the order of the appellate authority.
  • Copies of all representations made to the Departments so far.

Points to be noted :-

  1. Please submit all the papers in duplicate.
  2. A covering letter to accompany the details, addressed to the Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, New Delhi.
  3. Your grievance should reach us latest by 31st March, 2000.
  4. Please mention your Name, Address, Tel No., fax No & email address (if any).
  5. Please mention your Date of Birth / Date of Incorporation. This will act as your reference number with us.

We will compile all the grievances received and hand them over to the Income Tax Authorities. We have met the Chief Commissioner of Income Tax who has assured us that all of the grievances would be addressed to in a time bound manner .

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