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The following are some examples where Parivartan helped the aggrieved consumers of DVB in getting their work done without payment of bribes:


1.      Mr Mulkh Raj Saini is a 100 year old man. Mr Saini received a bill in January, 1999 on which it was written “Glass broken”. Three letters were written to DVB authorities in 1999 to change the meter. But the meter was never changed. Instead, Mr Saini started receiving highly inflated bills which were neither on average basis nor on the basis of reading. Everytime, Mr Saini will have to go to DVB office to get permission to make part payment. The arrears kept mounting. Ultimately, he filed a case in Bijli Adalat. On 1.7.2000, Bijli adalat ordered that the meter be inspected and bills adjusted accordingly. But the order of the adalat was never implemented. The meter inspector wanted a bribe which Mr Saini refused to pay. Mr Saini had met the AFO and AZE a number of times before approaching Parivartan.

2.      Mr Lajpat Rai Rustagi applied for enhancement of load in March, 2000. Subsequently, he visited the DVB offices several times and wrote several letters but in vain. He even got Dr Harshvardhan, MLA to recommend his case to the Executive Engineer for speedy disposal. But this letter also had no effect. Ultimately, Mr Rustagi approached Parivartan in Sep, 2000.

3.      Mrs Padma Kaul is an 80 year old woman. She has a vacant flat in Patparganj. Since Aug, 1998, she is being sent highly inflated bills for this flat stating that the meter is faulty. Everytime, it requires a personal visit to get the bill rectified and then the payment is made. This process was going on for the last 3 years till Parivartan took up the matter.

4.      Amit Kumar had applied for disconnection of his meter in July, 1997. The connection was not disconnected till he approached Parivartan in Sep, 2000.

5.      The meter of Mr Ramesh Kaul was not functioning. After great efforts, it was replaced on 6.10.99. However, this meter was also faulty. So, Mr Kaul filed a case in Bijli adalat on 9.10.99. Bijli Adalat ordered replacement of meter within 7 days. However, despite writing several letters and making several visits, this order of Bijli Adalat was not implemented till Mr Kaul approached Parivartan.

6.      Mr O P Malik is an old man and suffers from severe arthritis that he walks with great difficulty. The street lights in front of his house were not working since 1991. He made 82 complaints to DVB by personally visiting the office of DVB in Jhilmil. He even got a letter written from his local MLA but nothing happened till Parivartan helped him. Now, the street lights have been repaired.

7.      7 families in Maujpur applied for a new electricity connection in January, 1992. On 25.9.97, they also got a letter written from the Deputy Mayor of MCD to DVB. On 11.11.97, they filed a case in Bijli Adalat. On 31.1.98, Bijli Adalat ordered that new connections be given to them within one month. But even these orders were not obeyed. On 6.3.98, they were informed that their files were not available. So, they filed fresh papers. On 14.7.98, they wrote to the Chief Vigilance Officer of DVB. Again no action was taken. On 21.7.2000, the local MLA wrote to the Chairman, DVB and to the Executive Engineer. Yet, no action was taken. Ultimately, they approached Parivartan in Oct, 2000. Now, all of them have been granted new connections.

8.      Mr Vikram Manjhi was a Group D employee with Delhi Administration. He retired from the service in June, 2000. He, now, wants to go back to his village.  He has to surrender his flat, which was provided to him by Delhi Administration. For this, he had to get his electricity disconnected. He has been visiting the office of DVB almost daily since June, 2000 but noone was ready to even listen to him. His family has already gone to the village and he is living in Delhi for the last 7 months only to get his electrical connection disconnected. Ultimately, he approached Parivartan on 4.12.2000. Parivartan helped him in getting his work done.

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Income Tax :


The following are some of the instances where taxpayers have received their refunds due to efforts of Parivartan without payment of any bribes and without making any visits to the Department :


  1. Ashok Kumar Srinagesh has received refunds for AY 91-92 and 93-94
  2. Raj Rani Singhla has received her refund for AY 94-95
  3. Om Prakash Yadav has received refunds for AY 94-95, 95-96, 96-97 and 99-00
  4. Purushottam Lal Mathur has received his refund for AY 95-96
  5. Saroj Bala Chauhan has received her refund for AY 96-97
  6. Sunil Kumar Kanungo has received his refund for AY 96-97
  7. H M Sethi has received refund for AY 96-97
  8. Raj Kumar Revri has received refunds for AY 96-97 and 97-98
  9. Vimal Chand Jain has received refund for AY 96-97
  10. Chaitali Das Gupta has received refund for AY 96-97
  11. Chhotey Lal has received refund for AY 96-97
  12. B M Gaind has received refund for AY 97-98
  13. Kanta Devi has received her refunds for AY 97-98 and 98-99
  14. Rajendra Anand has received refund for AY 97-98
  15. Jatinder Sobti has received his refunds for AY 97-98, 98-99 and 99-00

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