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The first project- Income Tax Refunds :

A common taxpayer has to face a lot of problems in getting his refund from the Income Tax Department. More often than not, he ends up paying a bribe to get his refund. Parivartan has been collecting taxpayer grievances in Delhi on account of non-receipt of refunds. All such grievances are regularly handed over to the Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Delhi for their redressal. 

The grievances received till now have been studied and analysed by Parivartan. The analysis of these grievances and interaction with a large number of taxpayers helped Parivartan in identifying the problems faced by taxpayers. Parivartan suggested some measures, which if implemented, could remove corruption in this area. The measures suggested are simple, do not require any legal amendments or any additional expenditure and can be implemented through administrative orders.

Parivartan presented this analysis of the problems and the measures alongwith the grievances to the Chief Commissioner of Income Tax and requested him not only to resolve the grievances but also to implement the measures suggested by Parivartan

Parivartan is now striving to have the grievances resolved and to have these measures implemented so that such grievances do not recur in future. Parivartan filed a Public Interest Litigation in Delhi High Court in the last week of July, 2000. Hon'ble Court directed the Department to consider and implement the suggestions. However, the Income Tax Department did not take any action on Court's directions. Parivartan waited for three months for the Department to implement these suggestions. When the Department did not take any steps, Parivartan again filed a petition in Delhi High Court which is pending.

We are still receiving the grievances of the public on this account. If you are also not getting your refund and the IT staff expects/demands a bribe from you, please do not pay a bribe. Tell us. We will try and help you in getting your refund/PAN. But please, please do not pay bribes. Parivartan is doing it as a social service and does not charge anything for its services. However, at the moment, Parivartan is operative in Delhi only. Hence, send us your grievance only if you filed your return in Delhi. 

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