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1.      Defective Meter - the consumer wants to know the basis for assessment for the period when his meter was defective :

Contact AFO(D)

         The consumer will give Form IJ (available with the Public Relation Counter) along with a copy of the assessed electricity bill to the Supdt.(Billing).

         Supdt.(Billing) will provide the statement of accounts on the same day (or on the following working day in exceptional cases with the consent of the consumer) in the following manner :

a)      Period and number of days the meter remained defective.

b)      Base period which has been taken for calculation of the average consumption.

c)      Base period for calculating the average consumption shall be the average consumption recorded for the previous 12 months (for a fair assessment of  the consumption pattern due to seasonal variation for all the three seasons of the year).

d)      If the consumption pattern is not available for the past twelve months, the consumption pattern generated by the new meter for the subsequent twelve months shall be taken as the base period.

e)      If the consumption pattern either for the previous twelve months or for the twelve months subsequent to replacement of the meter is not available and the consumer requires a final bill, the average consumption for the defective period will be calculated on the basis of the sanctioned load or the connected load of the consumer which ever is higher.

         If there is any discrepancy in the calculations, the Supdtt.(Billing) will get the assessment bill revised with the approval of the competent authority.

         Supdtt. (Billing) will get the assessment data fed into the computer for inclusion in the bill of next billing cycle.

        A written confirmation to this effect will be sent to the consumer within seven days from the receipt of the complaint.

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