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It is our national hobby to criticize the systems over a cup of tea but do nothing to bring improvements in the systems. No one has time to spare to work towards improving the systems. Parivartan has been formed to unite like minded people who have time, energy and will power to work towards it rather than criticize the system.

Parivartan works entirely on the voluntary services offered by scores of people. 

  • If you are convinced with the philosophy and strategy of Parivartan,  

  • If you have fire burning inside you to do something for the country to make it a better place and  

  • If you are prepared to spend time for the activities of Parivartan

Then, join the movement. There is no membership fee.

“What will I have to do if I become a Parivartan volunteer?”:

If you are based outside Delhi, you may not be able to physically participate in Parivartan’s activities because at the moment, Parivartan is active in Delhi only. As soon as you fill up the following form, your name would be included in the mailing list of Parivartan. Every Parivartan volunteer receives at least one mail every week on the developments taking place at Parivartan. If any major decision is to be taken or any petition is to be filed before any authority, the details of the same are mailed to all the volunteers and their views are sought on the same. We would request you to send us your valuable comments and feedback on all such issues.

If you are based in Delhi, you should compulsorily attend monthly meetings which are held on the first Sunday of every month from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm to assess the progress made in the last month and to decide on plan of action for the next month. Here, you not only get to meet other volunteers, but also decide for yourself, how you would like to participate in the activities during the next month. It is entirely upto a volunteer to decide how he wishes to participate. Some of the jobs being done by volunteers are like managing the website, holding camp in their own area to spread the message of Parivartan and collect grievances of people on the spot, act as coordinators for a set of volunteers, interact with media, do data entry and management, collect information for Parivartan newspaper, edit Parivartan newspaper, etc There are a host of activities and they keep changing depending on the requirement of times. The monthly meeting is held at Connaught Place. Please ensure to reach sharp at 11.00 am for every meeting. The venue always remains the same : Office of Sankalp, another NGO. Tel No of Sankalp: 3538231.  Directions to reach the place are as follows:

"Take Panchkuian Road from CP. Further down on Panchkuian Road, at the intersection with Mandir Marg, take a right turn. The right turn i.e. opposite to Mandir Marg, is a lane. Enter that lane. Further down 100 meters, on your right you will find Sankalp office. We would have put Parivartan's banners there for your guidance."


Now, if you wish to join Parivartan, please fill up the following form:  

(If you think, you will not be able to spend time on Parivartan activities but wish to be put on the mailing list of Parivartan so that you keep yourself abreast of developments at Parivartan, you should still fill the following form, but say "No" in the last column)

  Your name:

Tel Nos (both office and residence):

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Do you wish to subscribe to Parivartan publication?

Starting 26th January, 2001, Parivartan has started coming out with a monthly publication by the name of "India Demands". It will carry news, articles, views, rights of public in various government departments and other material on corruption. It is available on the net at

However, if you wish to subscribe to the hard copy of the same, you could do so by sending Rs 25 as annual contribution for the same (including postage). The cheque/DD should be drawn in favour of "Gati" and should be sent at Parivartan, 5B, Navkala Apts, 14, I P Extn, Patparganj, Delhi-92

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