What is Parivartan

State of affairs in contemporary India


What is Parivartan :

    Parivartan is a group of citizens who are extremely disturbed with the present state of affairs in the country and who are committed to alter this situation. It consists of people from all walks of life including lawyers, journalists, artists, doctors, government servants etc. It is a non-governmental, non-profit making, voluntary organisation.

The state of affairs in contemporary India :

The monster of corruption has engulfed almost every walk of life and enjoys complete social respectability. The notion that there is nothing wrong in giving and taking bribes is becoming a part of the national psyche. This is perhaps the most disturbing aspect. There is a general feeling of skepticism and cynicism against any thing connected with the government.

    Each one of us is responsible for the mess we are in today. Every individual has become extremely self-centered over the years; 'Nothing but my own interests matter to me and I shall have my interests served at any cost'. This has led to the corruption and degeneration of the systems at an exponential rate, the results of which we witness today. Hence, it is in our collective interest that we sit down, relax, introspect and decide whether we wish to continue in the same manner or we wish to reverse this trend ?

    Most of the people blame the political leadership for this mess. A number of them feel that only a benevolent dictator could take us out of this morass. So, do we wait for that elusive leader indefinitely and let the degeneration continue or do we take the task of building a modern, vibrant India upon ourselves. 

    We, at Parivartan, do not want India to be named the most corrupt nation in the world. We do not want our motherland to be named the country of poor and beggars. We do not want this nation to be named the country of the illiterate and the sick. We want INDIA to be known for its economic prosperity and spiritual values.

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Strategy :

Individually, a number of people resist injustice or demands of bribe everyday in their own ways. However, the sufferings that an individual has to undergo as a result of this resistance are enormous. This breaks the determination of a number of such individuals after sometime and they turn into cynics. Without undermining such individual efforts, it should be realised that the scourge of corruption can be removed only if all of us decide to take a collective action against it. We believe in the age old maxim of "Strength in unity". The idea is to bring the people aggrieved on an issue on a common platform and then demand the government to deliver.  The task at hand will be achieved through a two pronged strategy of:  

  • Systemic removal of corruption by studying the system and isolating areas and practices within various government departments which enable/foster the practice of bribery and then suggest and have implemented alternative practices which will remove/reduce opportunities to ask for bribes.

  • Since this task will be impossible to achieve overnight and till then we cannot let corruption thrive, we will simultaneously provide Indian citizens a platform which will strive to get their work done in any government department without paying bribes.


Unfortunately, the canvas is large and we cannot achieve everything overnight. Parivartan is initially focusing on Income Tax department and Delhi Vidyut Board in Delhi. We are exhorting people not to pay bribes in these two Departments to get their work done. We encourage them to rather approach us with their problems in these two departments and we shall strive to get their work done without payment of bribes.  This is done by acting as a pressure group by meeting higher authorities in that department, meeting the political and bureaucratic leadership, making petitions to various authorities, bringing it to the notice of the masses through media and moving the courts as a last resort.

Let us pray to the Almighty to grant us moral and physical strength, determination and commitment that would be required to achieve our goal.

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